ADAQ President's Update - Jan 2022
Wednesday, 19 January 2022
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Dear Members,

I invite you and your team to join us tonight, Wednesday 19th January at 6pm, in a special COVID-19 webinar: Practicing in the Current COVID-19 Climate. In this one hour live session, we answer your important questions on how to navigate this current COVID-19 wave.

It will be presented by Emeritus Professor Laurie Walsh and Ms Neesha Pierce (ADAQ General Counsel). Join through the link in the newsletter.

Over the coming weeks we will see and hopefully be able to work through a peak incidence of Covid-19 in our communities. Currently private practice dentistry serves an important role in maintaining oral health for Queenslanders. In doing so, you and your colleagues are actively helping to minimise many unnecessary dental emergencies and hospitalisations.

This in turn aids the public system in managing the dental needs of some of the most vulnerable in society. I have been in close communication and have met with staff from the Office of the Chief Dental Officer, including the CDO. Naturally, important updates will be relayed to you as and when necessary, but for now, take pride in knowing that our profession and your role in it, is actively aiding government in managing healthcare at this critical time.

Complimentary Dental Team Access is still available for all staff of ADAQ Members. It provides access to regular information from ADAQ, including COVID-19 updates. Please encourage them to sign up at

And lastly, I appreciate the last few weeks have been difficult for many of us. I’ve certainly experienced it in my practice as well. So, if you need support, please don’t hesitate to send me an email.

We also have the Member Assistance Program available for Members, which includes three complimentary and confidential counselling sessions from trained professionals. The service is there if you need it. Call 1300 326 350 to start a session.

That’s it for now. ADAQ will continue to update you in the coming weeks, as more information comes to light.
Matthew Robert Nangle
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ADAQ President's Update - Jan 2022
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