Perfect Posterior Composites

Perfect Posterior Composites
This hands-on course is designed for Dentists.

Course Overview

Achieving the perfect posterior composite restoration involves techniques for minimising the risk of post-operative sensitivity, obtaining ideal interproximal contacts and creating some degree of natural anatomy for good function.

Fundamental to obtaining excellent clinical outcomes with posterior composites, is an understanding of the latest composite materials (including Bulkfill technologies) and the ability to properly adhere these materials into the tooth. 

This workshop will thoroughly review the dentine bonding agents presently on the market (including the Universal Adhesives), with all of their respective advantages and possible pitfalls. The course will then address the main causes of post- operative sensitivity with posterior composites, and present techniques that can be predictably employed by the clinician to prevent it from occurring. This will include a discussion on cavity design and restorative material placement as well as the role of Bulkfills, Glass Ionomers and Flowable resins. During the hands-on exercises, participants will then have the opportunity to practice composite placement in typodont teeth using the materials and techniques discussed.


Learning Objectives

  •  How does the cavity position & design affect prognosis? 
  •  Is there an advantage in switching to Universal Dentine bonding systems? 
  •  Liners and bases - do we still need them in the age of adhesive dentistry?  
  •  Which composites are best suited to posterior applications?
  •  Getting tight contacts - matrix systems for posterior restorations
  •  Instrumentation for posterior composites
  •  Finishing and polishing procedures 
  • What is the role of Bulk Fill Composites? - are they the future?


Presenter biography

Dr Michael Mandikos
BDSc (Hons), MS (New York), Cert Pros, FRACDS, FICD

Dr. Mandikos is a registered specialist in Prosthodontics.

Michael received his Bachelor of Dental Science Degree with Honours, from the University of Queensland and in 1998 he completed a three-year residency program at the State University of New York at Buffalo (USA), graduating with a Certificate in Prosthodontics and Masters Degree in Biomaterials. He has researched composite resin materials and published research papers in Australian and international journals on clinical and dental materials topics, as well as many clinical technique articles in local dental magazines. 

He is a Reviewer for four dental Journals and is a product evaluator for several dental companies. Michael has presented continuing education programs at Dental meetings throughout Australia, Southeast Asia, Greece, Antarctica and the USA and maintains a Private Practice limited to Implant and Restorative Dentistry in Graceville in Brisbane’s Inner West.

Event Pricing

ADA Member Dentist - $680
Non Member Dentist - $1190


CPD Points

6.5 Scientific hours 


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5/11/2024 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
ADCE Level 1, 154 Ipswich Road Woolloongabba, QLD 4102 AUSTRALIA

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