Current Opportunities

1. Australian Dental Health Foundation

ADHF is a registered charity whose vision is to address the inequality between Australians who can access dental care and those who can’t. We do this through the coordinated matching of volunteer dental practices with patients from registered not for profit charities assisting a variety of vulnerable Australians.

We offer 3 programs for volunteering:

  • Dental Rescue Day®: organised day book of clients in your practice
  • Adopt a Patient: offer an ADHF client a pro bono course of treatment.
  • Rebuilding Smiles®: focuses on the provision of dental services to victim/survivors of domestic or family violence and their families

The ADHF also has opportunities throughout the year for dental practitioners to treat patients at ADA Qld Branch - please register your interest and availability with the State Coordinator.

For more information please contact QLD State Coordinator on number below

Get involved with ADHF

Please contact Qld Coordinator on [email protected]  or 0417 801 792 for further information.

2. Tzu Chi International Medical Association (TIMA)

Tzu Chi Foundation is an international humanitarian and non-governmental organisation established in Taiwan in 1966. 

In 2002, Tzu Chi International Medical Association (TIMA) was started in Brisbane by a small group of young dentists, led by Dr. Alice Lu, who wanted to bring dental care to those that have barriers accessing healthcare. They identified the following groups as the most in need:

  • Asylum seekers whom have no access to public dental care
  • Residents of remote communities 
  • Vulnerable families whom have barriers accessing public dental service due to many reasons and/or complex health needs (Eg. Rough sleeper or previous rough sleeper, Domestic violence victim, …)

From small dental fairs to large scale medical fairs, Tzu-Chi involved with various stakeholders to continue supporting the underprivileged identified in the community. 

Inclusive Health Clinic

2011 marked the beginning of a long-term partnership between TIMA and Micah Projects (supporting those that are homeless or at risk of being homeless).  In 2017, they jointly opened the Inclusive Health & Wellbeing Hub in South Brisbane. A not-for-profit dental clinic, which aim to overcome the gap in healthcare. 

With one fitted dental surgery and potential setup of mobile units, TIMA work alongside all volunteers’ schedule to operate from Monday to Friday (and some Sundays).

Embracing the Future Generation

The clinic also provide volunteer opportunity for dental students as assistance. Not only to share more clinical experience, but also to inspire humanitarianism and holistic healthcare in future generation.

We’re grateful to have many students continue volunteering in Tzu Chi Medical Team after graduate, giving back to community with love and care.

Get involved with TIMA

We continue recruiting for dentists and assistants, who’d like to offer their time and skills, and together embracing warmness in healthcare.

Please register below for Inclusive Health Clinic

Other way to contribute, vital contributions through donating consumables and equipment are greatly appreciated.

“When we care for others with deep sincerity, our heart of love is a noble seed that brings great blessings” – Jing Si Aphorism by Master Cheng Yen

3. Clinics For Kids

Clinics For Kids was established as a response to the critical need for quality healthcare for children living in under-served rural and remote communities globally.  In 2021, Ryan Kungl, Founder and Director, and his team continue to demonstrate a new standard in student led collaboration in the charitable health space by expanding their services to cater for adults. 

In partnership with the Griffith University Dental Clinic and local homeless service provider partners; the ‘Clinics For Communities’ program aims to provide emergency dental treatment to people experiencing homelessness over three non-consecutive clinic days in addition to coordinating future access to dental treatment through the public system. The first clinic took place on April 7, 2021 and was a complete success with 23 patients receiving emergency dental care.

This program would not have been possible without generous funding provided for by the Pierre Fauchard Academy and support from Griffith University staff.

Get involved with Clinics for Kids

Please email [email protected]  to find out how you can get involved.

4. Cherbourg Dental Clinic

In 2022 the team provided treatment for three days, then joined in on the NAIDOC week celebrations occurring in the community by setting up a stall and handing out oral hygiene kits to locals. 

This year the team is led by final year dental student Lachlan Hearn. Along with their supervising dentist, Dr. Jaimie Arthur, the volunteer team of students deliver free dental treatment in the town multiple times throughout the year, with the next trip proposed for August 2023.

Get involved with Cherbourg Dental Clinic

Please email the team at [email protected]  for more information on how you can get involved.  

5. Esesson Foundation

Esesson Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation that provides free health care for the underprivileged communities within Australia and internationally. 

They have initiated an oral health program on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane that addresses the oral health needs of underprivileged children. These children are identified as having extended waitlists or attending special needs schools that have limited access to regular oral health care. Many of these are children are refugees, special needs children or children from low socio-economic backgrounds. 

 Esesson Foundation’s CEO, Dr Ajitha Naidu Sugnanam, has been managing the initiative providing Free Dental Care for Underprivileged Children throughout 2021.  Ms Olan Hartley, Operations Manager, is responsible for all day to day operations required for the program's success. 

The program is fundamentally reliant on monetary donations, consumable donations, volunteer dentists, volunteers (assistants, university students) and generous community private practices. The volunteers giving their time provide treatment, oral hygiene instruction/preventative education, clinically assist in the operating surgery, as well as engage with children through activities while they wait for treatment.   

The program which has provided a very positive first dental experience for many of these children has had clinic days run at private practices including at Jindalee, Mudgeeraba and Biggera Waters in 2021.

Get involved with Esesson Foundation

Please email the team at [email protected]  for more information on how you can get involved.  

Contact the ADAQ Volunteering in Dentistry Committee

If you would like to share your own dental volunteering experiences, promote opportunities for volunteering and/or interested in finding out more information, please email Miriah Sawrey.

What Volunteers Say

I believe that those in the community privileged enough to be able to help others in need have a duty to do so.  I have found that not only does this benefit the underprivileged member, but also provides the person volunteering with an indescribable feeling of warmth.  Moreover, the volunteer gains knowledge related to the field they are volunteering in, for example I have personally gained a substantial amount of clinical knowledge from being part of a team treating members of the community without access to dental services.  With volunteering benefitting all involved, I absolutely recommend others to get involved in any volunteering opportunity they can. - Lachlan Hearn, 3rd year dental student at Griffith University

I fell into dental volunteering with an invitation to help out the local Tzu Chi organisation at their dental clinic as a dental assistant.  Over the past few years of my undergraduate degree, I’ve also been lucky to be involved with promoting oral health at events such as Homeless Connect and for children in the rural town of Cherbourg.  I’ve found that volunteering makes me feel extremely grateful for the privileges I have and I enjoy going out into the community to spread awareness about the importance of oral health.  I would absolutely recommend others to get involved with volunteering if they can, even if it’s only a small amount of time!  My biggest tip would be to start small and stay enthusiastic because you can really start to see the difference it makes in people’s lives. - Lisa Zhu, 4th year dental student at University of Qld

In my third year of dental school in 2018, I found out about the Tzu-Chi Foundation.  This organisation provided free services, including dental services, to vulnerable people in the community such as refugees and people experiencing homelessness.  Since then, I have been volunteering as a dental assistant and after graduation, as a dentist, at the Inclusive Health Clinic in South Brisbane and at dental fairs such as the Toowoomba Dental Fair and the Tara Dental Fair.  It felt rewarding being able to use my skills to be part of this great service and assist people in need and I feel grateful having met many lovely people along the way.  The amazing vegetarian food provided is always a big bonus and something to look forward to after a day of hard work. - Dr Deborah Du, Dentist

I first started volunteering as a dental student.  At the time I saw it as a chance to gain experience in rural dentistry, as well as apply skills and knowledge learnt at university.  Now, as an experienced dentist, it is a great feeling to be able to use my skills to give back to the community.  Working to help particularly disadvantaged sections of the community such as refugees, people experiencing homelessness and survivors of domestic violence is simultaneously fulfilling and humbling.  I would most definitely recommend the experience as it is beneficial for all involved. - Dr William Wang, Dentist

I volunteer because it’s incredible being in a position to make a difference in the lives of those who need it most. It makes me feel connected to my community and truly grateful. - Dr Norah Ayad, 2020 ADAQ President