Insurance Assistance

ADAQ provides a range of additional services to assist with insurance matters.

Our dedicated Clinical and Advisory Services Team consists of clinical and compliance professionals who offer customised support to ADAQ/QBE insurance customers.

Claims Management 

Under an agreement with QBE, claims are confidentially managed in-house by the ADAQ Compliance and Advisory Services team, which consists of clinical and compliance, as well as a peer panel of general dentists and specialists. 

Legal assistance

Independent lawyers can be engaged through QBE to assist with claims management and provide legal advice where necessary.

Dispute resolution

Resolve disputes quickly and easily, with the Compliance and Advisory Services team managing expectations and facilitating positive outcomes for you.  

Peer Panel Advice

The peer panel give clinical opinion, advice, and peer reviews as part of the claims management process. They provide much needed support and can be in integral part of the settlement process.