Apps to improve Productivity (when studying)

Are you a student and struggling with time management issues? Keeping a balance of personal, academic, and social life is vital to avoid burn out.

Most students often think that there are plenty of hours in the day to study but end up wasting their time. Thanks to modern technology, apps can save you precious time when it comes to learning.

Knowing about productivity apps can be beneficial for all students including those who are struggling between work and study. The below apps may help to speed up your productivity and use your time efficiently.

1. Exam Countdown

Exam Countdown allows you to prepare well in advance and counts down the days and minutes until your next exam. The overall aim is to motivate you to study and keep a track of how much time you have for preparation. It is a simple yet effective app if your exams are near!

2. Trello

Trello is an app that can help you work more collaboratively and keep track of tasks. You can create sheets, lists and postcards to complete projects in a fun and flexible way.

Maintenance of workflow and project management can be performed with this app while collaborating with others. The main feature of Trello is the built-in workflow computerization that adds your to-do lists to the calendar with due date instructions.

The biggest benefit of this app is the ability to have most of the features for free, however there are some premium features that are available through a paid subscription.

3. Offtime

Interruptions while studying can impair our cognitive ability but with OFFTIME, students can create profiles that block calls, texts, and notifications.

OFFTIME can restrict access to any apps and limit phone usage so you can make sure you stay focused and avoid distractions. You can make exceptions for important messages by sending out custom autoreplies to let others know when you are back on the grid.

4. Study

STUDY is a sound and communication expert. It can be hard to stay focused in a noisy environment, so the app works to increase productivity by masking the background noises during learning. This app provides 45 minutes of sound intended to increase your productivity.

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